A summary of death comes for the archbishop by willa cather

The bishop has come to plead for the episcopal appointment of a man of vigorous faith to the newly annexed U. After a yearlong, hazardous trek from Ohio, Bishop Latour arrives as apostolic delegate in Santa Fe, accompanied by his boyhood friend, Father Joseph Vaillant, the vicar general.

A summary of death comes for the archbishop by willa cather

They sneak away from the families, too painful to say goodbye, it will cease to be home soon.


The men are quite different, Jean well- educate, tall, healthygood- lookingfeels comfortable with his "superiors" both civilian and clergy.

While Joseph a small human, rather ugly by prevailing standards, sickly too, the opposite of his friend These simple facts strangely, are mostly true Willa Cather brings her considerable talent, to this book and gives poignancy to what could have been a rather drydull story of these dedicatedbrave, tireless clergymenworking for God.

Later both are sent to the primitive New Mexican frontier town of Santa Fe the capital, Jean as its bishop and Joseph the Vicar, where the hostile inhabitants despise the new rulers, yet the mainly French priests there are well respected This is the isolated almost empty of vegetationgigantic diocese The Vatican has given them very wide authority On top of mules is their real homes, going from one poverty stricken Pueblo or scattered settlement, to another, performing happy marriages and baptizings or sad funeralsbuilding churches and saying Mass in distant places, numerous times for fifty years The Archbishop has a fantastic dream An appealing saga of men who can never surrenderDeath Comes for the Archbishop is the book that Cather believed to be her finest work.

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Like The Professor’s House, it is a novel that explores the life of a man and draws on the American Southwest for its setting. Summary. Latour remembers his first morning in Santa Fe after his trip to Durango.

He awakened to the ringing of the Angelus, making him first dream of Rome, then of the East. Book Discussion Questions: Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather.

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Posted December 7, by Cathleen, Readers' Advisor. Title: Death Comes for the Archbishop Author: Willa Cather Page Count: pages Genre: Historical Fiction, Classic, Inspirational Fiction Tone: Contemplative, Unassuming, Strong Sense of Place Summary.

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''Death Comes for the Archbishop,'' one of Willa Cather's later novels, celebrates the natural beauty of New Mexico and the importance of the adventures of two French Catholic missionaries in contributing to the social life of the area. Death Comes for the Archbishop, Willa Cather Death Comes for the Archbishop is a novel by American author Willa Cather.

A summary of death comes for the archbishop by willa cather

It concerns the attempts of a Catholic bishop and a priest to establish a diocese in New Mexico Territory/5.

Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather