How to conclude on a business plan

If your goal is to seek funding or an operating change at work, or if you wish to request something specific, conclude on a positive note that shows the reader you have his needs in mind and can provide a benefit. Recap the Contents Your summary should mirror your opening or executive summary, recapping highlights that lead to a conclusion.

How to conclude on a business plan

The federal deficit means that it is very tough to find those funds. This section suggests methods to meet the challenge. The oil embargoes of the s caused recessions that cost this nation more than a trillion dollars—yet we invest tiny sums in reducing petroleum dependence. We will not save money by starving ourselves of future options.

Second, we believe that energy innovation should be financed from within the energy system. Our recommendations would total just 1. The energy system should finance its own innovation—for three reasons: It is good economics to peg investments to the systems that generate social costs.

The costs are more a user fee than a tax. There are several options for financing this investment. When there is a system to reduce greenhouse gas emission in the United States, it will likely generate revenue—in the form of permit sales, for example.

This is a virtuous cycle. The United States employs other user fees on the energy system today that could be expanded. Wires charges a small fee on electricity sales are a natural way to finance improvement in the electric sector, just as gasoline taxes pay for transportation infrastructure.

The essential requirements, though, are that we make the basic investment, and that we commit these funds, steadily, over the long term.

Measuring success Monitoring progress in stimulating energy innovation will be critical for adjusting to new conditions, making midcourse corrections, and maintaining accountability.


Below we outline metrics to chart progress in the short, medium, and long term for each of our five recommendations. Create an independent national Energy Strategy Board.

Have we convened the Energy Strategy Board? Is it appropriately independent and does it have access to capital?


Has it provided guidance to the New Energy Challenge Program to deploy large-scale pilot energy projects? Has the secretary of energy responded to the National Energy Plan? Has Congress reviewed the plan and begun to adjust policy accordingly?

Has the energy innovation community responded to the Plan? Has the Plan been updated to account for new technologies? Are investments driving down prices for the most critical energy technologies? Have the technologies met and passed performance gates?

how to conclude on a business plan

Are key technologies being built and sold at a reasonable price? Are low-carbon technologies being deployed at sufficient scale? Create Centers of Excellence with strong domain expertise.

How many Centers of Excellence have been created? How much funding are they receiving? What innovations have been pioneered by the Centers of Excellence?Feb 14,  · You’ve got a winning business idea.

You’re excited, inspired, and poised to take the plunge (congratulations, by the way!). Next step: write a business plan. Unfortunately, Googling “writing.

I'm a home user. What do I do? How to Conclude a Business Plan by Yolanda Brown - Updated September 26, You have finally created a business plan and now need to cap it off with a conclusion.
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How to Write Your Own Music Marketing Plan Where to write the conclusion of your business plan?
Office 2010 planning content Very few people really make an effort to understand exactly how the compensation plan works.

I’m going to break down the acn compensation plan so you can understand it.. If you are going to invest, time, effort and money into building a long term business with ACN, it’s . How to conclude a business plan Let us show this admiration.

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The Business Plan Conclusion. Funding RD&D. There is no way to make the progress this country requires on energy technology without increasing RD&D budgets.

The federal deficit means that it is very tough to find those funds. This section suggests methods to meet the challenge.

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