Malcolm x essay example

The door to Soulville, which is what we called our collectively rented hooch, was open and it was early afternoon. Rain softened daylight streaming in. And warm, a typical summer monsoon day. Em, which was the only name I knew her by, was near me.

Malcolm x essay example

Yet Thomas Hagan aka Talmadge Hayerone of the convicted assassins of Malcolm X--the only one caught at the scene and the only one to confess--was granted parole between the span of the morning and evening news of April 27, to little attention.

But then, even inthe gap between the public perception and the historical reality of Malcolm X remains as immense as it was in He was much reviled then and is much reviled now, so nobody really has any opinion on the fact that one of his assassins is walking around as a free man.

He is rarely seen except as a t-shirt or a poster, scarcely quoted and generally perceived as a black supremacist hatemonger who got what was coming to him. He certainly remains "radioactive" in the political sphere.

Footage of Wright forced Obama to disassociate himself from Wright, his pastor of 20 years, thoroughly and completely. Despite this lingering perception of Malcolm X as a kind of black Hitler, the reality -- easily verified by historical speeches and interviews -- is that Malcolm X was an extremely intelligent, highly logical and rational man who understood and articulated the reality of race relations in America as nobody had ever done before.

At Malcolm x essay example height of his influence he was not only one of the most respected black leaders in America, but he was also beginning to wield enormous influence across the entire planet. He was an honored guest wherever he traveled in Africa and the Middle East.

An autodidact who educated himself in prison, he was a keen student of history and as accomplished as any orator of the 20th century. He had an accurate understanding of the global nature of the racial problems facing the United States and had a plan for what to do about it.

His domestic pairing with Reverend Martin Luther King in late and early is now undeniable.

Malcolm-X Essay Sample

However, that move shocked and disturbed the U. Edgar Hoover as the single biggest threat to the national security of the United States of America.

Malcolm x essay example

He had left his nationalism behind and became an internationalist. He changed the very nature of the civil rights debate by globalizing it.

Rather than discuss the problems of black people in America as an issue of civil rights, he labeled it a struggle for human rights that could be taken to the United Nations. He understood that the United States was not immune to international pressure and he intended to bring that pressure to bear in order to address the racial problems the country faced.

He was the first major political figure to reach out to African leaders since Marcus Garvey a quarter of a century previously. Certainly, nobody can claim greater credit for the post-war spread of Islam in America than Malcolm X While Muhammad may have been the dear leader of the NOI, it was Malcolm X who increased membership in the Nation of Islam from a small cult of people in the year he was released from prison to over 25, active temple members nationwide inand probably closer tofee-paying members.

The newspaper Malcolm X founded, Muhammad Speaks renamed The Final Call by Louis Farrakhan was, by the end of the 60s, the largest black-owned newspaper in the country with a national circulation ofcopies.

In a little over a decade, he went from just another black prisoner to one of the most respected leaders on the world stage. His transformation was astonishing by any standard.

But his appeal to the masses was undeniably real because it was undeniably true. Amidst the language of peace, love, harmony and non-violence, Malcolm X spoke clearly, directly and with an uncompromising voice to articulate what the vast majority of black people were really thinking: This was not a society that wanted to be integrated and forced integration was not a viable solution.

As John Henrik Clarke put it in the documentary Make It Plain"While the other leaders were begging for entry into the house of their oppressor, he was telling you to build your own house.

After years of slavery, the white man had no moral right to ask the black man to wait any longer to enjoy the rights and freedoms upon which America prided itself.

It denied black Americans equal rights even as it called on them again and again to fight and die abroad in the very name of those rights that they could not enjoy at home.

That brutal honesty is one of his enduring strengths: Some more white liberals came along with the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments which were supposed to solve the race problem and the problem is still here. Nine years ago, nine more white liberals, so-called, came up with what they called the Supreme Court desegregation decision and the problem is still here.In this stunning new book, Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of "outliers"--the best and the brightest, the .


Malcolm X was born on May 19, , in Omaha, Nebraska to Louise and Earl Little. Earl was a Baptist minister from Reynold, Ga. and became an organizer for Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association, which wanted all Afro-Americans to go back to the land of their ancestors, Africa.

The Life and Legacy of Malcolm X Essay example - The Life and Legacy of Malcolm X Malcolm X should be everyone’s hero, someone people like myself should look up to as a human being. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a racist or is extremely ignorant.

Tennessee Law Review; A Critical Guide to the Second Amendment, by Glenn Harlan Reynolds. Malcolm X (May 19, – Feb.

21, ), black leader, was born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska, the son of Earl Little, a Baptist minister and organizer for Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association, and Louise Little. Malcolm X Essay. The late s to mids was a time when violence and injustice had reached its peak - Malcolm X Essay introduction.

Many people were treated unfairly and the mood of the country overall was very gloomy and unhappy.

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